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Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area

Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is chiefly being managed for its value to endangered, threatened and nongame wildlife. The Cape May peninsula hosts one of the world's largest migrations each fall as millions of birds stop at the peninsula seeking food, cover and water. Higbee Beach plays a vital role in the migration, providing migrants with a stopover site as they increase their fitness before continuing their sojourn south.

The roughly 1,100-acre area offers a unique blend of several different habitats, including dune, forest, scrub-shrub and early successional fields. The Endangered and Nongame Species Program, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, manages the fields and scrub-shrub areas for migrating songbirds and raptors. Hunting is allowed, but not until the Monday after the Six-day Firearm Deer Season each year (see the Hunting Digest for season information).

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