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We have four TVs in our home. Two are Smart TVs only require one remote. And two require a Roku Remote.


The Smart TVs are located in the living room and downstairs rec room. They require you to just use the Samsung Remote. Turn the TV on with the remote and then press the source button on the top left of the remote.  

Select the TV option for input, unless you have hooked up an external device than navigate to that option. To use the Hulu app or the other options available, using the down arrow to bring you to the bottom of the screen and then the right or left arrows to navigate the options.

Once on an option you prefer, for example Hulu, press the enter button in the middle of the arrows to select. Then use the arrows again to navigate to the Airbnb option...then select your favorite channel on Hulu.


Regular TVs

The other TVs beside the TV remote, require a Roku controller. Once the TV is turned on via the remote or physically pressing the on/off button. Then press the green Hulu button on the Roku remote.

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